Long Term Equipment Hire

Long Term Rental is a wise investment for any business.

We are prepared to SET UP machines to suit your specific job or requirements

This will provide you a customized hire package that works.

Benefits to you:

  • No capital outlay/depreciation
  • Provides flexibility that buying equipment cannot –
  • 24/7 back up service
  • Budgeted Costs – all scheduled maintenance carried out by us, no need to worry about insurance, registration etc
  • Drive new, quality machinery – professional image, less down time. We will even put your company logo on machine to fit into your fleet
  • Take advanatage of our wide range of attachments - hire when you need

Inquire TODAY About Long Term Rental:

Heavy Equipment Long Term Rental

We have many satisfied customers who use rental as a long term solution to their plant requirements, talk to us to find out how it works!