Rollers and Compactors for Hire


Established in 2006, Hire Direct Ltd is the leading earthmoving equipment hire service in Northland. With increased demand, we also offer longer term rental into the Auckland region, offering the latest range of rollers and compactors for hire, ranging from a 75 kg plate compactor to 14-tonne padfoot rollers.


High-Performing Padfoot and Smooth Drum Rollers

Whether you’re looking for a roller compactor or a plate compactor for hire, we can assist you with the latest rollers and compactors for your road construction project.

We offer a range of rollers from a 1.6-tonne smooth drum on a trailer to a 14-tonne padfoot roller, sourced from renowned manufacturers that are known for their reliability and durability.

Rollers and compactors are essential equipment in the construction of durable roads. Their heavyweight compresses materials for a smoother and more resistant surface. These heavy machines work well in levelling road substrate until eventually sealing off the layers of asphalt. Rollers and compactors for hire from us have two kinds of rollers: smooth and Padfoot.

As the name suggests, the smooth contractors create a flat surface. It spreads the weight evenly along the roller's width. It is ideal for use when flattening lanes. In contrast, the Padfoot compactors have risen "feet" on the rollers. This design applies static weight and kneading to the area. Compactor rentals are available for jobs in Northland, Wangerai and Auckland.

Our rollers and compactors feature the latest technology with air con cabins, ROPS frames and compaction meters (on some models) and dual pump propel systems that perform on steep slopes.

Ten Years in the Industry

With ten years in the industry, our experienced team can help you determine which type of machinery is suitable for your needs.

We are able to offer competitive rates and a variety of hiring packages including long-term equipment hire that provides you with a customised deal that suits your specific job or requirements. .

To find out more, please call our office to speak to one of our representatives.